Founded in 1992, “to produce and distribute compelling international standard media product on vital social issues that our societies have difficulty in engaging with.” Nyerai Films promotes cutting edge productions by filmmakers from Southern African countries. Since 2002 we have co-operated with Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe to organize the annual “International Images Film Festival for Women” in Zimbabwe and trained many young women to tell their stories through this organisation.
Nyerai Films currently provides increasing studio and recording services for many smaller media practitioners in Zimbabwe. Outside Zimbabwe our productions are having increasing impact on audiences across the continent from Burkina Faso to Ghana, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa, as well as further.
In this way the Nyerai Films vision is to develop a powerful locally informed audio visual culture in Zimbabwe and the region that disseminates in a deeply engaging manner messages conducive to upliftment, self sufficiency and development “Low Budget – High Energy” is not just an idea with us - it's a reality.