Our Board

Irene Mkondo, Chairperson

Ms Mkondo is an educator with a passion for research. She has publications on teaching and sits on the boards of several organisations. She is also involved in numerous volunteer work.

Tsitsi Dangarembga, Founder Member

Ms Dangarembga is a world renowned novelist and pioneering filmmaker in the Zimbabwean film industry. She is also one of the most vocal feminists and a passionate activist.

Tawanda Gunda, Member

Mr Gunda Mupengo is a product of the UNESCO Film and Television Training Project Harare. He has since directed a number of shorts and documentaries.


Plaxedes Wenyika, Member

Ms Wenyika has experience in the Zimbabwean arts and culture industry as a musician with 5 albums released to date. She is currently a panelist on the Information and Media panel of enquiry.

Servy Muzanenhamo, Member

Ms Muzanenhamo is an experienced professional banker who has been with one of the leading banks, Stanbic Bank, for several years.

Olaf Koschke, Founder Member

Mr Koschke has extensive experience in the film and editing spectra and has been teaching in the field for many years.