International Images Film Festival For Women 2022

Festival Dates: 24 - 27 Nov 2022 in Harare Alliance Francaise, Afrotopia, Domboshava Mungate Hall

IIFF 2022 Reviews and Press: - here are a few quotes from the articles below -

".....It's been four days of intense and enjoyable action, going up and down across the city and out of town to the much-loved Domboshava......"

 “.....A lot of women here are looking for an outlet where they can share their stories. They are held back by fear of retaliation from their husbands but we’ve helped a few who’ve reached out..."

".....It was an evening to celebrate the return of the festival that's made a comeback after a two year break and the excitement was palpable......"

"....Bangladeshi film director Elizabeth D Acosta won the second and final award of the night, The Best Depiction of a Woman for her film Bangla Surf Girls....."

"....It's unbelievable how fast the first three days of the festival have flown by. The event started on Thursday across all three venues - Domboshava, Afrotopia and Alliance Francaise....."

"......Founded in 2002, the festival has been a beacon for women filmmakers and directors as it seeks to dismantle the cinema ceiling to give women an opportunity to tell and shape the narrative of what it means to be an African woman......"

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